November 18, 2007


Love that Wagamama.

They could hang a sign, "We will phish your credit card details" and I'd still probably go in to try their noodles.

We finally got our asses down to the Harvard Square location last night. It is conveniently tucked next to a Staples, so you can buy office supplies and enjoy that Japanese ramen bar experience in one easy journey.

Anne went for Chilli Chicken Ramen. Because she likes that lip tingling sensation. Her big bowl of soup was tasty, and the wooden spoon they give you demands that you slurp like crazy! Each time she dipped in with the chopsticks she pulled out an endless amount of grilled chicken and noodles.

I went teppan style. Delicious teriyaki steak placed over soba noodles. I cleaned the plate. We also enjoyed a side of 'tori kara age'. For all I know it might be Japanese for 'pan scrapings', but the menu informs me it is chicken in a bunch of herbs and sauces.

As ever, comedic events ensued. A young couple of first timers were surprised that they had to eat in a commune style environment. "Don't you just have a table for two?" they inquired. The server did the best she could by sitting them at the window next to each other. Disappointed pulled faces and a full restaurant walk around followed before they left. I can imagine the little germaphobes yapping into their cell phones "And you have to sit next to other people." Idiots.

Cambridge being Cambridge, there was the usual smattering of uber-lib parents teaching 18 month Tarquin how to eat with chopsticks. It's important he knows the difference between Udon and Kare at an early age.

Great food and service. Will we go back? Probably in the next 48 hours!

November 10, 2007


Walked down to Magnolia's of Inman Square tonight. They feature Southern-Cajun-Creole food. I think we tried to go one time before but inanely chose a Monday when they are closed.

Our waitress was speedy. Sat down with drinks in no time. Anne went for a New Orleans Dixie brew, and I went Lone Star.

The menu is a good combination of regulars and (I suspect) rotating specials. Our waitress was patient and pleasant. She reminded me of the part of Maggie Gyllenhaal you don't want to punch in the throat.

I started with Alligator and Corn Fritters. They say fritters but to me they were just balls. Does an alligator have balls? In High School I skipped Biology to have extra music lessons - boy do I feel stupid now.

Talking of skipping, Anne skipped the appetizer, and plumped for the Bayou Platter. Blackened Catfish, Alligator Fritters, Frog Legs, Crab Cake and an assortment (!!) of mashed potatoes. And Collard Greens.

I opted for a blackened filet mignon with a Maytag Blue Cheese (I thought they made washing machines) and sweet potato mash.

The clientele was quite old. Strangest item in the place is a wall hung plate of a winking woman that could give a child nightmares.

Our food arrived, and we were pleased. The Frog's Legs were pickled and therefore cold, and Collard Greens are an acquired taste, but overall we liked what we got.

Check was $85 inc. tip.

Walking home we stopped in 1369 our local coffee shop. Anne loves the place - because she hates "the man". I think they're a bunch of trumped-up folk-music-loving, pseudo-liberals, who all probably have trust funds and investment strategies. I'm supposed to be impressed because you drew a leaf on the top of my latte?