May 29, 2007

B Side Lounge

We've been to B Side several times. Richard loves the place; I know it's because nearly everything on the menu seems to come with cheese. For me, the place is meh. In addition to the cheese-y menu, the chef has some obsession with blue cheese to which I can't subscribe.

But it was Memorial Day weekend, we had just seen the film "Paris je t'aime" and since I was in a loving mood, I agreed. I figured I'd just get some fries, which are always good.

Richard suggests we share side orders. A side of fries (regular, NOT the blue cheese fries) are a done deal. We agree on the Artisanal Cheese Plate — yeah, OK, it's cheese but I see it comes with some fruit and Iggy's bread, so I figure it'll be alright. Finally we select the side of black beans and cheese. That's right, more cheese.

It all comes at once, which I guess is fine. The fries are awesome and aplenty. There are 2 artisanal cheeses: lots of slices of what looks like havarti or swiss (I realize that, not being a huge lover of cheese, I'm downmarketing whatever kind it was -- and in fact, I didn't eat it), and 2 huge slabs of ... yep, blue cheese. There's also Iggy's french bread (always excellent), some fresh pear slices, carmelized walnuts and lots of just-for-display lettuce. The black beans were pureed and bland, in fact, a bit like eating very dry mushy peas that stick to your mouth.

The drinks were pretty good: I had a Metropolitan and Richard had a Sidecar.

So I've done my good-wife deed for the weekend. Verdict: if you like cheese, you'll like B Side.