November 26, 2008

Dali in Somerville

Our tapas place of choice is Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge.

After a trip to Barcelona, my mum loved the tapas, so to switch things up we thought we would give Dali a punt.

Everyone I know who has been there seems to love Dali. I wonder if they just love tapas?

We were welcomed by the maitre d who had the unenviable task of standing right by the door on a cold evening. Before she could speak, a guy (I'm guessing proprietor) whisked us away with cheesy platitudes. He would return later with phrases like "The food is wonderful isn't it?". I dislike the putting words in your mouth technique. It's what leads business owners to thinking they have a marvelous restaurant.

I'll get the one other negative out of the way - and this is purely my silliness. I wore a red shirt ... as did the waiters. I hate wearing the same clothing as the waiters!

The food was good, a wide selection of proteins including a milk soaked boar and venison sausage were highlights, plus the usual tapas staples of patatas bravas and jamón serrano. The sangria was perfect and along with my dad I finished with a tasty piece of almond cake.

All in all great food, only let down by an overbearing owner, and tables that are way too small for a group of tapas eaters - but I could say that about any tapas place!

November 22, 2008

Midwest Grill in Inman Square

Scarves, gloves and hats, with a Brazilian flair please. We walked down to Midwest Grill in Inman Square last night. Emphasis on walk. It was freezing cold out and we have my parents visiting.

Seated immediately, and told the drill ... and here it is.

You go help yourself to the hot and cold buffet and then every minute or so, a young Brazilian fella will approach your table with a huge skewer of meat. You ask what type of meat it is, and ... if you want some ... he carves a piece off and you catch/grab it with your personal pair of meat-tongs.

Anne and mum* (which identifies her as my mother - Anne's would be mom) had Corona, while my dad and I tackled a Brahma, a popular Brazilian beer.

Raised on years of buffet experience in Las Vegas, Anne took my dad up to the buffet selection. They came back with wondrous stories of pork and beans, baked banana, tender chicken, and a mountain of shoestring fries.

With my mum, I added some nicely cooked vegetables, refried beans and Brazilian stew. Back at the table and Anne and my dad already had taken some carved beef, sausage and garlic bread (yes, they even skewered the bread).

And this went on for ages. Freshly cooked meats (pork, lamb, beef, chicken, bacon on and off the bone), more beers and another trip to the buffet table.

We were stuffed, and then the waiter asked if we wanted dessert. Which we did. Polished off a combination of coconut and chocolate cakes and mousses. Very nice.

Check came to $140-ish which for "all the meat you can eat", 2 rounds of drinks and 4 desserts sounds good to me. And my dad paid.

All in all a fun place to go with a bunch of people. Go with an empty stomach, and it's probably a good idea to walk some of it off. We did just that, and it even felt a few degrees warmer on the way home.