February 21, 2008


North End Italian place. Cannot say how good the food is because I've been drunk each time I go there. Tonight I had stuffed chicken (the waiter said "Good choice" to everyone except me).

Wine was OK. But I think I paid $360 for 5 people, and that ain't no good. Last time I was there we had just bagged the Gillette account and I was pissed up on Sidecars.

February 18, 2008

Lucky's Lounge

Although not technically a new restaurant to us, this was our first Sunday brunch at the Sinatra themed crack den down in South Boston.

I guess there must have been something going on at the Children's Museum because the area was swarming with coffee slurping parents and their boggle eyed kids.

Thankfully Lucky's was kid free and as we slid into our vinyl lined seating we were greeted by an attentive young server.

We order coffee with milk. The milk part always seems to throw people. As if somehow we had asked for something 'off the menu'. The milk arrived in a tiny little glass - distinctly designed to leak it's contents.

Anne asked me what Fontina cheese was, and I employed my annoying trait of answering with assured knowledge when in fact I'm actually not sure. (Turns out my guess was correct).

Armed with her newly found cheese intelligence Anne ordered the Sinatra omelet and I went for the egg, bacon and ham panini.

Side note. I'm always annoyed when travel magazines drop foreign words into their articles as if it adds color and flavor to their otherwise insipid articles. Example "accompanied by a hearty lunch of roast pork and migas, bread fried with even more pork"

Anyway that's why I italicized panini back there.

10 minutes later a different server came out with 2 plates both containing omelets. Ugh oh, order screw up. Instead of plonking down Anne's tasty breakfast, both plates went back to the kitchen. A minute later we were told our breakfasts would be out in 5 minutes. And 4.5 minutes later I got my piping hot sandwich on a cold plate, and Anne got her congealed-under-the-hot-plate omelet, and shriveled home fries.

We could have used more coffee, and when it came, we could have used more milk. We're not demanding. Really, we're not.

Still the food was OK.

Every time I go to Lucky's I have a sense of excitement. I love the place, but I always forget that I go for the ambiance, style, music and cocktails. Not the food.