April 21, 2008

Mary Chung Restaurant

Hole in the wall Chinese place next door to The Middle East on Mass Ave.

Someone from Anne's numerous and illustrious book club/cat-sit/tech-event network recommended the place, so we ambled on down on Friday night.

I love the mirror trick in small restaurants. I ALWAYS fall for it, thinking I am in a cavernous room.

Simple drinks choice. Tsingtao or some domestic rubbish - went with the "zing-dow"

Highlight of the menu is the "Mysterious Chicken", which the intrepid wife nearly got. Instead she went for another spicy chicken dish. I went for Moo Shi Chicken, because I'm silly for the wraps!

Kicked off with a couple of starters too and still the bill came in at under $40.

Happy to report that there was no real douchebaggery going on inside. Just people enjoying good company and food on a Friday night.

Walked home, with a smile and full belly.

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Anonymous said...

nice blog. i would hardly call mary chung's a "hole in the wall" though. it's in a central area; well-lit, clean, and professional service inside; and doesn't have a dive-y feel at all. also you didn't say if the food was any good. i'm guessing you didn't love or hate it.