July 13, 2008

Tacos Lupita

Tacos Lupita was recommended to us last year. In fact we last went there on my birthday. It's not quite fine dining, but man do they do good food.

Gorditas, huaraches, mulitas, tortas, pupusa ... frankly it's all one delicious mix of tortilla, meat, cream, onion, tomato and rice.

Almost makes you want to live in Somerville ... almost.

The cooks all wear adorable hair nets, and the place was packed with everyone from hipsters to car wash guys.

Their specialty is Salvadorian cuisine, and they have some awesome looking Central American sodas.

We day-dreamed of our next trip to Mexico as we chowed down on the food.

So if you consider Anna's Taqueria to be "The Man", then head to Tacos Lupita.

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Megan said...

love your blogs! just started reading them. I blog for the Boston Menupages, so please check it out! I love to talk to other foodies.